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Campbell Scientific Ltd.

We manufacture generic data loggers which are power efficient and very reliable. They will measure virtually any sensor make/type and process and store data on-board. The loggers support a variety of communication methods for downloading the data including direct, gsm, gprs, satellite, network and radio. We also have a range of supporting peripherals for expanding memory or number of channels and software for data logger support and data display. Typical relevant applications might include weather stations and meteorological monitoring, structural monitoring, or power monitoring. We carry a range of sensors, mainly environmental but remember that our loggers will integrate with virtually any electronic sensor. Please contact us for a current price list or for specific product details

Campbell Scientific Datalogger 


Address: United Kingdom, SHEPSHED, LE12 9GX Campbell Park, 80 Hathern Road

Contact person: Marketing Manager Iain Thornton ,e-mail, website

Phone: +(44 1509) 601141

Fax: +(44 1509) 601091

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Data Logger - CR1000 with measurement and control functionality Send enquiry  
Data Logger - CR1000 with measurement and control functionality
The CR1000 data logger offers oustanding reliability and consumes minimal power from any 12Vdc source. This makes it the ideal logger for long term, autonomous monitoring applications. It will measure virtually any make or type of electronic sensor.
Campbell Scientific Datalogger

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